History of Tsubohachi Group

March 1973 Founded. Opened the first restaurant in Kotoni, Sapporo
August 1975 Opened the first franchise restaurant
June 1976 Established Tsubohachi Co., Ltd. (Sapporo)
August 1978 Started our franchising chain business
April 1982 Established Tsubohachi Co., Ltd. Tokyo Headquarters
November 1984 Opened Osaka Logistics Center (current name: Kansai Logistics Center)
December 1984 Opened Kitasenju Logistics Center
September 1985 Merged with Tsubohachi Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Headquarters, making a nationwide network
April 1988 Changed our business name to Itouman Syokuhin Co., Ltd.
April 1991 Changed our business name to Itoman Syokuhin Co., Ltd.
April 1991 Established a training center and singles dormitory in Wako-shi, Saitama
October 1991 Opened the Nagoya Logistics Center (current name: Chubu Logistics Center)
April 1993 Changed our business name to Tsubohachi Co., Ltd.
August 1995 Opened Soka Logistics Center
April 1996 Opened Fukuoka Logistics Center
April 1998 Opened Sapporo Food Processing Center and started to distribute processed food
October 1999 Opened the first Rirakuza, a creative cuisine restaurant, in Akasaka, Tokyo
August 2001 Developed the suburban restaurant Rakusyoku Dining Tsubohachi
October 2001 Acquired an ISO14001 certificate at the Soka Logistics Center
May 2003 Marked our 30th anniversary. Held a special anniversary event at all Tsubohachi restaurants nationwide
September 2003 Established Tsubohachi Liquor Distribution Co., Ltd.
November 2003 Opened the first Dining Table Akanedoki in Funabashi, Chiba
February 2005 Akanedoki Chiba-Ginza-dori branch won the “Compact award” at the Denka Chubo (All-electric Restaurant Kitchen) Contest
February 2006 Established the Tsubohachi Group Code of Conduct
April 2006 Started to display the places of origin of foods and ingredients at all group restaurants
October 2006 Opened the first Shabu Shabu Hatcho in Nakano, Tokyo
February 2008 Opened Hanamaki Logistics Center
March 2009 Opened Sakana Matsuri in front of Kinshicho station
May 2009 Opened the first international franchised Tsubohachi restaurant in Singapore
June 2010 Opened Ito Kacho, the yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant famous for its delicious horumon, in Yoyogi
January 2011 Opened the first Umaiya Shinpachi in the Itabashi Nakajuku shopping district
January 2012 Opened Kyushu Logistics Center (relocated from Fukuoka Logistics Center)
March 2012 Opened the first Pasta Studio Neo-Zipangu in Yokohama–Kannai
May 2012 Opened Sendai Logistics Center (relocated from Hanamaki Logistics Center)
December 2012 Opened the first international franchised Ito Kacho in Singapore
May 2013 Opened the Just Meat stone-grilled steak restaurant
August 2013 Concluded an area franchising agreement in Thailand with IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. for all types of Tsubohachi businesses
October 2013 Opened Tsubohachi and Ito Kacho in Bangkok, Thailand
November 2013 Opened the Taisho-tei Thailand IMPACT branch
June 2014 Opened Rakushoku Tsubohachi Thailand BeeHive branch
June 2014 Opened Gyu-tan Sasagawa
November 2015 Opened the New York Steak Factory



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