Shinpachi Franchise Opportunities

Umaiya Shinpachi

Umaiya Shinpachi is a small neighborhood izakaya.
Inside, it’s full of delicious foods, full of people, and full of lively conversation.
As the customers get louder, our staff get louder too!
It’s a pleasantly noisy, happy place with lots of communication happening all the time.
That’s why Shinpachi is a place loved by everyone.

Going back to the roots of the local public bar A new category of small, community-based business

Shinpachi reconsiders the category of the chain izakaya restaurant and aims to become a local public bar loved by local residents. Because the average floor area is between 15 and 25 tsubo (50 to 83m2), the interior construction cost can be kept to around 10 million. This low investment requirement makes a package for this style of business perfectly affordable, not only by corporate customers but also by individual investors.

  • The small floor area and low startup cost are perfect for an individual who wants to become an independent business owner.
  • There’s a wide variety of tailored menu options.
  • Owners can implement individualized management policies.

Either boiled or roasted, the taste is superb! This is Shinpachi’s signature item: beef tongue.

Indispensable to Shinpachi, beef tongue is our ever-popular signature item.
This exceptional dish brings out the best savory flavors of the ingredients.
Beyond just tasty, it captures customers’ hearts and never lets them go. It’s our secret weapon!

Love in the air in a small restaurant

Staff are running through the restaurant bringing food, drinks, and smiles.
In time, the staff start engaging in conversation with the customers, and eventually they’re talking to each other like drinking buddies. Smiles break out on the customers’ faces. Because of this close interaction with customers, communication skills are very important. We offer a training course full of passion so that everyone at Shinpachi can develop “love” as part of their customer service. It brings a lively atmosphere to the restaurant and generates a thriving business.

Carefully teaching you the ins and outs of Shinpachi operations, from food preparation to business management

To help you become an independent business owner, Shinpachi supports you in every aspect of the business, from instruction on how to grill our main menu items to skills in accounting, which can often get sloppy.

From a famous restaurant owner who deeply loves his business

There are some things only a small restaurant can do, like joke around with customers or invent a new menu using local ingredients.
The biggest advantage is the flexibility, which allows me to introduce new menu items utilizing local characteristics while still serving the core menu.
Because I can talk directly to local customers, I can get a direct response from them. To create the perfect restaurant everyone wants, there would be no better marketing approach than this!
In establishing a restaurant that’s loved by locals, I’ll continue to enjoy myself and seriously [laughs] engage in chatting with my customers.

Shinpachi Target Information

Business style Inexpensive izakaya
Target age group 30s to 50s
Unit price per dish 100 to 500 yen
Food genre Grilled skewers and à-la-carte dishes
Target parties Single to small groups
Per-customer sales 1,500 to 2,500 yen
Main customer base Businesspeople, nearby residents
Unit price per drink 300 to 450 yen


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