Akanedoki Franchise Opportunities

Dining Table Akanedoki

When the sky fills with an orange hue at sunset,
the restaurant fills with soft light from behind the curtains.
It’s a warm place like your own home.

“Akanedoki” means “evening at twilight.”
The concept of Dining Table Akanedoki is that of a “home” where customers can casually stop by after work.

In the soothing atmosphere, with its orange decor, we serve homely dishes at a reasonable price. We’re the new izakaya that carries the right combination of the prestige and the familiar.

Three spaces to suit every occasion

A large Living space to relax

The Living space features both counter and table seats.
It’s a perfect place to take a few moments to relax.
This ample space has a comfortable atmosphere for everyone—including a party of one!

The Kura (traditional storehouse) space, with its superb trowel-textured finish


For the Kura, we insisted on an interior with an exquisite finish.
Surrounded by rich, textured walls, Kura is the perfect space to get away from it all and enjoy a moment to relax.

The Okunoma (backroom) space for groups of any size


Okunoma is a tatami-mat space that can accommodate any number of customers. It’s comfortably familiar in style and welcomes everyone: you can settle down, have a good time, and stay as long as you can.

Elegant creative cuisine at a reasonable price

Our food


At Akanedoki—our customers’ “home”—we offer a menu full of creative cuisines that are both seasonal and popular. The beautifully prepared, elegant-looking dishes are popular among women, who are our target customers.
Our extensive lineup of meat and fish dishes is also ever-popular and attracts a wide range of customers.
For larger groups, we have a special menu for customers to choose to suit their budgets; it brings many groups of customers throughout the year.

Carefully prepared hearty dishes Carefully prepared hearty dishes

Creative cuisine that brings out the best in ingredients Creative cuisine that brings out the best in ingredients

Perfect ingredients and beautiful presentation Perfect ingredients and beautiful presentation

Refined yet reasonable à la carte dishes Refined yet reasonable à la carte dishes

From our staff

A year has flown by since I came to this restaurant as a startup manager.
We were able to open the restaurant successfully thanks to the help given by head office staff, who have had many years of experience with restaurant openings.
We’ve now received many favorable comments—such as “good atmosphere” and “delicious food”—from our customers; these motivate us and encourage all the staff to make our customers even happier. Good staff make a good restaurant. With this in mind, we are all committed to offering good service that guarantees high levels of customer satisfaction.


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