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We, the izakaya, energize Japan

The future of the restaurant industry in Japan is becoming increasingly uncertain. The reasons behind this include the diversification of consumer tastes and eating habits, as well as ever-changing social conditions such as the aging of our society, a low birthrate, and the consumption tax hike.
Under these circumstances, the Tsubohachi group continues to pursue our commitment to delivering the most delightful eating-out experience to our customers by providing safe and high-quality food. With this in mind, we will develop restaurants and carefully considered menus that meet our customers’ needs. To achieve long-term success, we will drive new development with overseas operations in mind and will continue to propose and establish a new business style that meets anticipated consumer needs and trends.
Here at the Tsubohachi group we will further expand our izakaya business by making full use of the know-how we have cultivated for around forty years. With a strong willingness to take on challenges, we are committed to proposing a new plan that meets the needs of the times.

Four forces that support our restaurants

Forces driving product development

Anticipate customer needs and always create “fresh” menus.

We constantly review our menus, because carrying the same menu will bore customers and cause them to move on. At Tsubohachi, we frequently update the lineup of menu items to encourage repeat customers and avoid getting into a rut. We revise our grand menu twice a year and introduce limited-time-only menus.

Forces driving restaurant development and planning

The first tip to thriving in the restaurant business is to know the neighborhood.

For a proposed restaurant site, our experts will prepare a business projection report using our own sales prediction system and marketing data for the area. If you haven’t yet found a candidate location, we can introduce you to some sites.

We will help you through every step in building a new restaurant, from designing the restaurant to planning an employee training program.

Forces driving food supply

We deliver food and ingredients quickly, while they are still fresh, by using the nationwide Tsubohachi-bin (delivery) network.

To ensure freshness and quality, Tsubohachi develops its own logistic systems.

We obtain food and ingredients by using economies of scale and ship them from our center to each restaurant daily in one batch. This system ensures traceability for food safety.

Forces driving management guidance

Tsubohachi provides management guidance in various ways to help you achieve stable business operations

Of course, Tsubohachi provides a complete support system after you open your restaurant.

To maintain the high quality of food and services, we offer periodic guidance sessions and food preparation courses, as well as store manager training sessions. We guide you to elevate your overall restaurant performance by helping you to increase your management skills and your staff’s working skills, improve customer satisfaction levels, and boost your restaurant sales.

Our franchise brands

Delivering Nature’s bounty … Tsubohachi

Tsubohachi, the “authentic izakaya,” is known for its red logo. Located mainly in city centers or in front of stations, our restaurants create a delightful eating-out environment that’s perfect for a nightly get-together for businesspeople wanting to relax or for young people wanting to socialize.

We also propose elaborate ideas for new restaurants that match the characteristics of each location.

Dining Table Akanedoki

Akanedoki means “evening at twilight.”

As its name suggests, the restaurant is decorated in the orange shades of sunset. With the right combination of prestige and ordinariness, the concept of this new izakaya is “Home”—where customers can casually stop by after work.

We offer three distinct spaces—“Living room”, “Kura (traditional storehouse)”, and “Okunoma (backroom)”—and serve customers homely dishes at a reasonable price.


Horumon is now recognized as one of Japan’s most popular cuisines. We are very particular about its freshness, as this is the most important thing about horumon. We liaise with a leading horumon distributor to make sure we get the freshest, highest quality horumon.

In contrast, for regular cuts of meat (shoniku), we use carefully selected mature, aged meat, focusing on its umami (savory) taste.

The menu can be tailored to the local food culture. Itokacho is a yakiniku (grilled-meat) restaurant that offers a variety of tastes to satisfy a wide range of customers.

Umaiya Shinpachi

Shinpachi, a small izakaya bar with counter seats, carries a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Because the small floor area means that a relatively small investment is required, it is easy to become a franchisee as either an individual or a corporation.

Along with our popular menu items “Beef tongue” and shinkoyaki (grilled half chicken),” which are also available for take-out, we offer various locally produced foods. Our goal is for the izakaya bar to be loved by locals.


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