Code of conduct

Tsubohachi Group Code of Conduct

Under our principle of establishing a restaurant business that provides confidence and security and is also loved by every customer, we have created the “Tsubohachi Group Code of Conduct” and made it available for public viewing.

Our principle

We, the Tsubohachi group, are committed to delivering the most delightful eating-out experience to our customers by providing safe and high-quality food.

We believe that, if all the people in our group constantly comply with social ethics, we can build a stronger relationship of trust with our customers and fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR).


It is important for an enterprise to generate stable revenue and return its profits to society. However, it has also become increasingly important to fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR), including through compliance with laws and regulations, environmental protection, and social contributions. Illegal non-compliance—for example through willful misstatements or other violations of social ethics—can threaten the company’s existence. Here at the Tsubohachi group we adapt to these social changes. We believe that, if everyone in our group constantly follows social ethics, we can build a stronger relationship of trust with our customers, which will in turn enhance the Tsubohachi brand. Everyone in the group is united in our commitment to bring joy to our customers.

Social media policy

Basic policy

The Tsubohachi group will comply with the following policies regarding the use of social media to provide information to stakeholders.


  • As a responsible member of society, we will comply with the laws and regulations, as well as the Tsubohachi Code of Conduct, and will act in an appropriate manner whereby our speech and actions do not contradict social ethics.
  • We will not post any information that may violate the copyright, intellectual property rights, or privacy of any third party.
  • We will respect the values and individuality of all users of social media.
  • We will not post any personal or confidential information on any third party.
  • To promote appropriate social media use, we will endeavor to train all employees in the Tsubohachi group so as to deepen their understanding of the risks involving social network use.

For those who visit us on social media:

We own and maintain official accounts with the following social media:



The announcements and opinions posted on these accounts may not always agree with our official position and may be amended at a later date. Our employees or executives may voluntarily post their opinions from time to time; however, any opinions posted there are neither official nor endorsed by the company.

What we expect from our group employees and executives

The Tsubohachi group provides guidelines regarding participation in social media. All employees and executives who use social media are expected to fully understand the guidelines and to participate in a moderate and thoughtful way.


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