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Tsubohachi Franchise Information

We started our business in 1973 in tiny premises with a floor area as small as hachi (eight) tsubo. That’s why we named our restaurant Tsubo-hachi. Now we’ve grown into a nationwide restaurant chain and have been loved by customers for around forty years.

Authentic IZAKAYA

There was a time when displaying the “current” price for an item on the price list was the norm at izakaya.
Despite this, we decided to clearly state our prices, and these fixed low prices attracted customers.
Tsubohachi was the pioneer of this style of business.
Our focus is not only on price: it also extends to the freshness of the ingredients and the taste and volume of the food.
That is why we’ve been widely recognized for “delicious food on a budget.”
The path we took is the authentic path for an izakaya.

Restaurants that meet the needs of any party

There are currently about 300 Tsubohachi chain restaurants.
Every restaurant is unique: no two restaurants are the same, because we tailor each one to suit the individual needs of the customers. We custom-make authentic izakaya that match the taste of the local region and the customers by, for example, creating a unique interior design or attaching a karaoke facility. That’s why Tsubohachi is loved so much all around Japan.

Built-in style: Much-loved establishment located inside a downtown building Built-in style: Much-loved establishment located inside a downtown building

Suburban style: Takes advantage of the ample space Suburban style: Takes advantage of the ample space

A wide variety of interior design choices A wide variety of interior design choices

Always delicious dishes, both modern and traditional

Foods play a major role in Tsubohachi.
This is because we want all of our customers to enjoy our restaurant, including those who don’t or can’t drink because, for example, they are the designated driver.

With this in mind, ever since we started our business we have devoted ourselves to creating new menus. Of course, we still keep the popular menu items that have been loved for so many years, but we continue to further develop and tailor the menu to suit the characteristics of each restaurant. One restaurant might offer seasonal fish, whereas another will offer superb, creative desserts as the most highly recommended items. This strategy makes us Tsubohachi, the izakaya everyone knows.

We offer a line-up of dishes that captivate our customers’ palates.
This is the strength behind all Tsubohachi restaurants nationwide.

Three key phrases

  1. Reasonable price
  2. Delicious food with added value
  3. Cheerful service, full of smiles


Here at Tsubohachi we’ve been operating our business with these three key phrases in mind, and we’re committed to continuing this practice into the future.
To stand out from our competitors, we strive to pursue the best prices, food quality, and customer service by providing an intensive training program and managerial guidance.

From our staff

I started working part time at one of our franchise restaurants, in my home town in Hokkaido, when I was a university student. After I graduated, I got a permanent job here. I can’t forget the excitement I had when I was finally promoted to restaurant manager after many years of hard work.
Currently, as a restaurant manager, I’m responsible for the important work of promoting the restaurant’s growth. For example, I’m in charge of cost management, which involves the calculation of cost ratios and labor costs, which I studied intensively in the training course. I’m also responsible for initiatives to improve the level of customer service and food quality, as well as to motivate staff.
The job gets extremely demanding when it’s busy, but I appreciate the smiles on my customers’ faces and am experiencing a very fruitful time in my career.

Tsubohachi Target Information

Business style Izakaya
Target age group 20s to 50s
Unit price per dish 280 to 600 yen
Food genre All genres
Target parties Small to large groups
Per-customer sales 2,300 to 2,800 yen
Main customer base Businesspeople, families, other
Unit price per drink 300 to 500 yen



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