ITO-KACHO Franchise Opportunities

ITO-KACHO, the yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant with delicious horumon

All because we want to hear our customers say “Delicious!”


ITO-KACHO is another word for “delicious horumon.”
Actually, our name ITO-KACHO (meaning “Mr. Ito, the Division Chief”) comes from “I-toka-Cho” (meaning “stomach, intestine, and others”).
We’re particular about using unfrozen horumon, because we’re eager to hear our customers say “It’s delicious!”
This single comment always lifts the spirits of everyone in the entire restaurant.
Our yummy objective in running ITO-KACHO is to offer the finest quality food that customers can fully enjoy.

Direct-delivered, super-fresh horumon that astonishes gourmets

Ingredients are everything to the yakiniku restaurant!
ITO-KACHO uses horumon that has a supple texture and exceptional flavor. Our secret is to buy horumon directly from the distributor by using our own special purchase route. Whereas the majority of horumon on the market is sent frozen, ITO-KACHO’s horumon is always delivered chilled, so it’s always ultra-fresh.

Carefully selected high-quality shoniku with a mature flavor

ITO-KACHO also insists on the quality of shoniku (regular cuts of meat).
We carefully select perfectly aged meat that brings out and maximizes the natural flavor of the ingredients. That’s why we’ve earned a high reputation among yakiniku lovers, too.

Become a horumon master easily and quickly Our complete professional support

Don’t worry. Preparing raw meat is easier than it looks!
ITO-KACHO offers complete support and skills training based on a meat-handling manual compiled under the supervision of meat professionals, so our delicious horumon can be prepared quickly by a range of staff members, without their needing to have trade skills.

An original menu tailored to suit every food culture

Every region has its own food culture, and meat preferences can differ greatly from region to region. For that reason, on top of our unified menu, ITO-KACHO introduces a local menu to suit regional tastes. We also offer a selection of roasting methods, from smokeless roasters to small charcoal grills, depending on the target customers.

Develop a restaurant that suits the location

ITO-KACHO is committed to developing restaurants suitable for their locations and their target customers. For example, if you open a restaurant near apartment complexes, you can choose to have an à-la-carte buffet, which is popular with families.
Our aim is to have the most attractive, well-loved restaurant in each area.

Tsubohachi group has yakiniku business-franchise packages to suit your budget

We have a conventional package in which we develop a restaurant that is suited to the local market and has a well-differentiated interior design. We now also have a new package that utilizing business space with the furnishings and equipment already in place to reduce the size of the investment required. Details of the two packages are as follows:

Low investment package (utilizing existing business space with all furnishings and equipment)

If you already have a restaurant, or furnishings or equipment, this low-investment package may be perfect for you.
Your investment can be minimized by utilizing most of your existing yakiniku equipment. For example, this restaurant utilizes existing charcoal grills and the smoke-ventilation hoods above each grill. This authentic charcoal-grilled yakiniku restaurant has been successfully transformed into a friendlier one.

Cost of opening a restaurant (example)
Estimated 9.6 million for a floor area of 99 m2 (30 tsubo)

Conventional package (designing a new restaurant from scratch)

With our conventional package, a new restaurant can be freely designed according to your conditions or preferences. While keeping the customer demographic of the area in mind, we can flexibly suggest distinct interior designs or, for example, install smokeless roasters as a special consideration for female customers.

Cost of opening a restaurant (example)
Estimated 30.7 million yen for a floor area of 132 m2 (40 tsubo)

Creating a restaurant best suited to the location with the help of our skilled supervisors

ITO-KACHO has certified supervisors accredited by the Japan Franchise Association. They can offer you a wide range of support in the areas of not only QSC* management but also sales promotion and business administration.

*QSC (Quality, Service, and Cleanliness) is a kind of management index often used in the food/restaurant industry.

From our staff

I’ve worked at ITO-KACHO for one year now. To start with, I was the one who wondered why the restaurant picked this name. Now I’m the one who explains the reason to the customers! To tell you the truth, before I started working here, I thought horumon was the sort of meat you would never know when to stop chewing and swallow [laughs]. But the horumon here is different.
Of course our horumon is super fresh, but that isn’t the only difference. We incise the horumon meat to make it easy to chew and swallow, or we cut it into bite-sized pieces. Every day, our kitchen staff throw their hearts and souls into preparing horumon, hoping that our customers will want it more and more. We’ll continue to work hard and serve good horumon with confidence, anticipating our customers’ satisfied comment, “It’s delicious!”

ITO-KACHO Target Information

Business style Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant
Target age group 20s to 50s
Unit price per dish 280 to 1,480 yen
Food genre Yakiniku (horumon-yaki)
Target parties Small to medium groups
Per-customer sales 3,000 to 4,000 yen
Main customer base Businesspeople, couples, families
Unit price per drink 350 to 550 yen


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