Environmental initiatives

Eco-tsubo Campaign on a roll!

 “Eco-tsubo Campaign” is a name that collectively represents a variety of environmental initiatives that Tsubohachi is striving to implement in order to reduce environmental impacts.

Main activities
Encourage customers to take their food leftovers home with them (except in summer).
Give an “Eco-tsubo ticket” to customers who come with their families. (Two tickets can be redeemed for an eco-friendly item.)

Efforts to introduce an all-electric kitchen

An all-electric kitchen has three Cs (Cool, Clean, and Control), creating an ideal cooking space that is safe, clean, and productive. Creating a work environment that fosters satisfying performance is a common challenge to all types of businesses. Furthermore, society now demands initiatives to improve local environments by reducing CO2, heat, and other emissions. Tsubohachi strives to prevent global warming by actively introducing all-electric kitchens.

Tsubohachi Co., Ltd. is a member of the Denka Chubo (All-electric Restaurant Kitchen) Forum 21 as part of both the restaurant industry division and the kitchen design division.

Tsubohachi Co., Ltd. is also a member of the KELC Club (Kansai EL Cuisine Club), which is run by the Denka Chubo Kenkyusyo (All-electric Kitchen Research Institute).


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